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Over 50 Years in Ministry
45 Years at First Baptist

Pastor Robert Mayes and his wife, Shirlena,  have spent the last 51 years serving wherever God has called them to minister. Starting off in Johnson Kansas, they eventually moved to Iola, Kansas and finally to Deale, Maryland where they have spent 45 years in the ministry.  Pastor Mayes came to First Baptist during a difficult time, and helped point the people toward the Word of God in both difficult and good times. He has hired several youth directors that have made a notable difference in his ministry including: Park Sutton (Pastor of Calvary Baptist Temple, Fort Collins, CO), Jon Pitman (Pastor of Central Baptist Church, Corning, NY), Greg Wilkins (Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church, Capon Springs, WV), and Ben Greenwell (Youth Pastor of First Baptist Church). 

Pastor Mayes earned a Bachelor's Degree in Theology from Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO, and has an honorary Doctorate of Divinity.

Pastor Mayes in recent years was diagnosed with Leukemia and has been treated with Chemotherapy.  On October 16, 2013 he completed his last treatment --Lord willing forever-- and  has fared well since then.  He appreciates your continued prayers. 

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